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Enactus UBC Okanagan was created with the mandate to; identify opportunities, innovate solutions, execute projects, and facilitate change! With the belief that shortcomings are just hidden opportunities, our unique composition allows us to view the community through a different set of lenses. Once identified, we employ our collective thoughts to generate innovative tactics that allow us to envision a potential sustainable project to work towards. We ebb and flow to the needs of the project and understand a unique challenge requires a customizable solution that must be fluid in nature. Taking into account of the potential pitfalls, the team marches on to enact the change originally established as the desired end-state. A challenge is an opportunity in disguise!


Enactus UBC Okanagan aims to unite our diverse pool of student talent to make our campus and world a better place. Taking action by innovating solutions and developing entrepreneurial skills, our team is pushing towards a better and more sustainable future for all.


We believe investing in students who take ENtrepreneurial ACTion for others creates a better world for


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